Healthy Selections

If you are looking for a vending company that can provide a product selection that is more healthier in nature then look no further.

Allstar Vending Services has a wide variety of popular brand name healthier for you snacks including trial mixes, fruit snacks, Nutri-Grain bars, granola bars, bottled water and juices.

We buy from several different supply warehouses. Our golden rule is "If you want it, and our suppliers carry it you will get it.

We are always willing to take suggestions from your employees to help expand this category.


New Beverage Machines allow for Healthier Product Selections

All Star Vending Services is now placing the new glass front beverage machines that allow for a much wider selection of better for you products.

The new glass fronts give you up to 45 selections of products including bottled waters, assorted Snapples, juices, energy drinks, Nesquik and more.

For more information on a healthier vending program please call. Ph (510 ) 276- 1864

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