We carry a wide range of name brand quality products for all your beverage and snacking needs. Our pricing is competitive and we continually update menu selections according to your employees tastes. These are just a few samples of what we have to offer.

Cold Refreshing Soda's to meet all your desires. Allstar Vending carries over 20 different brands of soda. If it is available we can get it.

Lays Classic , Dorito Nacho, Cheeto Crunchy. Allstar Vending carries a full range of the Top Selling Salty Snacks. We are currently on the Frito Lay new product program where their latest new products are in our machine the day they hit the streets.

Looking for that sugar rush? We have your favorite candy bar. If we don't leave a sticky note on the machine and we will have it on the next delivery. This is your machine and we will load it with what you want.

If you get tired of drinking carbonated soda we have a full compliment of non-carbonated products including juices, snapple and bottled water. If we can vend it we can have it available for your employees.

We have a wide variety of healthy alternatives for your employees who don't want to load up on junk. From Kellogs Nutri Grain bars and Mr Nature Trailmix to Welch's Low Fat Fruit Snacks. People love to snack and we have the low fat alternatives.

We carry all your favorite cookies and pastries. From Kellogg's Pop Tarts, to Mrs. Freshley pastries, to Grandma's cookies; we will make every attempt to carry your favorite product.

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Email: info@allstarvendingservices.com Phone: (510) 276-1864 Fax: (510) 276 2201